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Vin Boleya Sab Kish Janda
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Wednesday, 15th April 2020

विन बोलया सब किश जाणदा

विन बोलया सब किश जाणदा
किस आगे कीजे अरदास।

बबीहा सगली धरती जे फिरे
ूद चढ़े आकाश।

सतगुरु मिलये जल पाइये
चुके पूख प्यास।

जियो पिंड सब तिसका
सब किश तिसके पास।

नानक घट घट ेको वरतदा
शब्द करे प्रकाश।

गुरु नानक देव जी
____ § ____
विन बोलया सब किश जाणदा
किस आगे कीजे अरदास।
Vin boleya sab kish jaanda
Kis aage keeje ardaas

Meaning: He knows everything. Then unto whom should we offer our prayer?

Commentary: What need is there to ask of God for anything? He already knows it all. He knows it even before the desire materializes. For He is the in-dweller who watches everything. It is by His power that desires manifest. He knows us more than we know ourselves.

Everything we need is already planned for by God. He knows our needs even before they materialize as thoughts in our awareness. And He provides for them. He provides for the sustenance of every living creature. He owns this universe, and He sustains it. So, why be anxious? What we need will show up at the right time.

This place is not ours. We just appeared here for a short time. He who owns it, runs it and provides for all and sundry, be it a little crawling worm, an elephant or an ocean. It’s not our business to worry.

Our anxiety is rooted in the idea, “What will happen to us in the future? What if this money runs out?”

Well, new money will show up. That’s what will happen.

“What will happen if I lose this job?”

Well, you’ll get another job. Or you’ll end up starting a business. Or something else will happen. Who knows?

I and you with our little brains cannot imagine all the possibilities. One way or another, that which is needed to take care of your daily needs will just present itself at that time.

Why project a future and create an unnecessary anxiety about it. Just like He has taken care of the present, when the future shows up, it will get take care of in the same way.

Therefore, all our anxieties are uncalled for. Surrendering everything at His Divine Lotus Feet, let us free ourselves from this totally wasteful habit of our minds.

बबीहा सगली धरती जे फिरे
ूद चढ़े आकाश।
Babeeha sagali dharti je phire
Ood charhe aakaas

Meaning: The rainbird wanders all over the Earth, soaring high through the skies.

Commentary: Just as the papeeha (rainbird) earnestly looking up at the sky in waiting for the rains, calls out its painful cries, just so my Lord, I yearn for You.

So long as man remains deluded, he runs after worldly things. He tries his best to get that promotion at the office, throwing as many of his colleagues under the bus as he can, knowing they are more hard-working and deserving than him. He cuts corners at work, tries to avoid work as much as possible, polishes the big apples at his workplace to stay in their good books so as to gain their favour.

Such a man constantly thinks of earning more money, of the properties he will acquire upon gaining such an income, of the additions it will make to his net worth of wealth, of the new businesses he will start with that money, of gaining illicit sexual encounters, on acquiring opportunities for romantic relationships, having delicious foods, and getting more and more people under his control.

But the wise man, upon whom the grace of the Lord shines, seeing the temporal nature of all worldly accomplishments, spits at them and throwing them all away out of his mind, fills his heart with love for God. He prays God for more and more love and devotion.

He foresees that no matter how much worldly possession he accumulates, it will not give him any satisfaction. Also, it will only make him hungrier for more of the same kinds of indulgences and at an even greater degree. He also sees that all objects of this world are of a temporal nature. They will, at one time or another, be desotryed or be taken away from his possession. Finally, he also sees that following every acquisition of such a temporal object, he begets pain and anxiety. He develops attachment to the object, fears losing it, and gets more anxious.

So, such a man understands that both pleasure and pain are the same things. Seeing thus, he roots them out of his own mind and requests God to take seat in his heart.

He then yearns for nothing but God. Also, he vows within himself that he will never turn back to the world ever again. That come what may, he will stick to the path of godliness and righteousness. Whatever the cost, that he will never keep bad company, that he will avoid the company of the wicked, will be indifferent to evil, will never hurt anyone, will always tell the truth, will help the poor, will carry on his work honestly, and be satisfied with whatever it brings him.

His yearning is only for God, and it grows stronger and stronger with every passing moment.

He says, “The things of the world appease me no more. O Lord, by Your merciful grace, I have come to see the futility of it all. I crave only for You. Please come to me.”

सतगुरु मिलये जल पाइये
चुके पूख प्यास।
Satguru milye jal paiye
Chuke pookh pyaas

Meaning: When the satguru is found, water is found; hunger is satiated, thirst quenched.

Commentary: No matter how long it has to wait, just as the papeeha drinks the fresh water of the rain only when it rains, so also, Oh Lord, I renounce the world and I find fulfilment only in loving You.

Satguru is the in-dweller within our hearts, the living presence of the Lord, who is our guru, our guide, who shall lead us to Himself.

It is only when the Satguru is found that the devotee’s thirst is quenched. And when such an event happens in the devotee’s life, that is, as soon as the devotee turns towards the Lord with his full commitment, the Lord immediately bestows upon him the state of complete fulfilment. All cravings and anxieties of such a person immediately come to an end.

In the Bhagawad Geeta (Chapter 12, Verse 16), Sri Krishna refers to such a devotee as a sarvarambha parityagi, meaning one who has renounced all new endeavours. All our worldy endeavours, whether it be to start a new business, or to change jobs, to buy a new house, to enter into a relationship, to get married, to start a new family, to flatter our boss, or to flatter a coworker, or to persuade someone to do something for us, or when we express our love for someone, etc. are these actions rooted in anxiety. It's the same anxiety that repeatedly announces to us, "What will happen to me? Who will take care of me?" and so this anxiety corrupts the individual forcing them to orchestrate, strategize and to hedge against an uncertain future in order to preserve itself. This anxiety is born of the false idea that the individual is a separate self that needs to fend for itself. When a devotee surrenders to the Lord, the Lord bestows such grace upon him that this false idea of a separate self gradually starts to diminish until it is finally dissolved completely, and the devotee's anxieties come to and end. Such a one does not go about starting new things in the world, because all such worldy action is prompted by a morally contaminated, ignorant and selfish falsity, which is now not to be found in the devotee's mind.

The Lord then takes care that his prayer is granted. He prayed that he never wanted the world because he saw that its true nature to be full of pain and misery alone. So, the Lord builds a protective shell around the devotee making sure that the world does not even touch him. That even in his interactions with the world in his daily affairs, he is not carried-over or even the least bit affected by the pressures of the world. Such a devotee is also granted full protection by the Lord. No one can harm him anymore. Those that try will come to perish.

जियो पिंड सब तिसका
सब किश तिसके पास।
Jiyo pind sab tiska
Sab kich tis ke paas

Meaning: The soul and the body are both Yours. Everything is Yours.

Commentary: When a devotee totally surrenders to God, he realizes that everything that any man calls as his actually belongs to God. For e.g. every breath we draw. We do not know if the next breath will come. There is something that regulates the movement of breath in our bodies. It is not something we own, much less something we can bring under our control. When it has to stop, it will stop, and there will be nothing that neither you nor I will be able to do about it.

So is the case with our kith and kin. Those we call our own, who are they? Where did they come from? Life was infused into their bodies by some mysterious happenstance. We have no control over that. They will leave us, either that we will die before they do, or that they shall die before us. There is nothing we can do. So, who owns them? And who owns us? So, how can we call them “My mother” or “My father” for example?

Take the case of your job. It will go when it has to, and you will get the next one when you have to. The land you purchased existed before you did purchase it, it will continue to exist while you hold its legal title, and will still exist after you die. So, you have absolutely no control over it. And therefore, your ownership of it is merely an idea, in that a false one that you have introduced in your mind. No one but God owns anything. He is the true owner of all. We falsely assume ownership of things and relations in this world. Our only true relation is with God, the true proprietor of all things seen and unseen. He owns everything and yet does not Lord it over his subjects. Such a loving master He is.

नानक घट घट ेको वरतदा
शब्द करे प्रकाश।
Nanak ghat ghat eko vartada
Shabad kare pargaas

Meaning: O Nanak, the Lord is omnipresent. His Name will reveal Him.

Commentary: The Lord resides in every cell, every atom. Chanting his name is the seed that has the potency to manifest Him.

The Lord is not different from His Name. When His Name is chanted or sung with a heart of devotion, the Lord manifests Himself to such a devotee and such a devotee attains enlightenment. All darkness is removed from his life.

The Name shall illumine the Truth. The Name is the Way to Him. He is in the Name. The Lord and His Name are one.

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