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Monday, 19th December 2011

Lo, here hath been dawning another blue day;
Think, wilt thou let it slip useless away?

Out of eternity this new day is born,
Into eternity at night will return.

Behold it aforetime no eye ever did;
So soon it forever from all eyes is hid.

Here hath been dawning another blue day;
Think, wilt thou let it slip useless away?

Thomas Carlyle
____ § ____

Ttime just flies away, we don't really know how. When we look back at what we did yesterday, we really can't answer for it. "I don't know how the time just went away," is our honest admission to ourselves if we ever were to look back.

We sprawled on the sofa, we watched television, we stared at the roof some, we let our thoughts speed through our minds for all we can remember. In between, we had a few meals, we talked some, loved some, hated some, fought some, and slept some.

We do not ever look back at how we spent our time. For we have nowhere to go, nowhere to reach.

For the awakened one, though, each moment counts. He knows life is short, time is fleeting. It will end any day. For him, today is the beginning of another opportunity, another chance to do a little more to reach his goal, to express his own being creatively, to make himself an instrument of the will of the Lord, to spend his time in devotional service and wise contemplation.

Today is a new day. It was not here yesterday. It will not be tomorrow. You won't have any chance to undo or make amends for how you spend it today.

Don't live in your head. Will you let this day just slip by?

How will you spend this brand new day?

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