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This, too, will pass
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Tuesday, 13th December 2011

This, too, will pass. O heart, say it over and over,
Out of your deepest sorrow, out of your deepest grief,
No hurt can last forever - perhaps tomorrow
Will bring relief.

This, too, will pass. It will spend itself - its fury
Will die as the wind dies down with the setting sun
Assuaged and calm, you will rest again, forgetting
A thing that is done.

Repeat it again and again, O heart for your comfort
This, too, will pass as surely as passed before
The old forgotten pain, and the other sorrows
That once you bore.

As certain as stars at night, or dawn after darkness
Inherent as the lift of the blowing grass
Whatever your despair or your frustration --
This, too, will pass.

Grace Noll Crowell
____ § ____

No matter what it is you're going through, it will pass. Everything passes. Nothing sticks around here. Just hang in there. It won't be long.

No, seriously. I am not simply trying to console you. This is not the self-help genre of stuff. I am not just trying to cheer you up. This is the reality. It's the truth of what happens. Everything goes away after some time. Just observe. Observe life.

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