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Thursday, 2nd August 2012

Revenge is a naked sword -
It has neither hilt nor guard.
Would’st thou wield this brand of the Lord:
Is thy grasp then firm and hard?

But the closer thy clutch of the blade,
The deadlier blow thou would’st deal,
Deeper wound in thy hand is made -
It is thy blood reddens the steel.

And when thou hast dealt the blow -
When the blade from thy hand has flown -
Instead of the heart of the foe
Thou may’st find it sheathed in thine own!

Charles Henry Webb
____ § ____

If you have been hurt by someone, forget it and move on. Do not ever nurture the idea of revenge. Life will take care of it.

For it is the law of nature that whosoever willfully tries to hurt another, whether of the first accord or in retaliation, whosoever tries to cause harm to another will be punished by his very effort at it. His own hand shall strike him back, his own knife cut at his own hand.

Try it and it will come right back at you. Every blow you deal, you shall find yourself hit.

There where is one to find recourse? Where is one to find remedial justice for having been wronged? In the heart of God. Leave it all to God and His justice shall prevail, as it always has.

No one can hurt anyone.

If you are being hurt by someone, take refuge in the Lord. Simply cry out to Him and ask Him for help. He never deserts anyone who sincerely cries out to Him for help. He is our truest friend. All you have to do is cry out to Him within your heart, and He will surely come and help you. He will take away all your troubles and sorrows and protect you. No one will be able to touch you, much less cause you any harm.

Not all the armies of the world put together can touch a single hair of the one who is under the protection of God.

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