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I'll soon be starting an online training course for absolute beginners who want to learn computer programming so as to start a career in software development. This will also be beneficial for those who already studied software engineering or BTech or such but do not understand concepts well, and need expert hands-on help. It will also help already working software engineers understand coding better and do their job better.

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  1. All for the Best, by Edgar A. Guest
    All that happens, happens for our good. We only come to see the good in it later.
  2. A child wonders about how much a mother loves it, no matter how old the child has grown.
  3. Himmat Karne Walon Ki Har Nahin Hoti, by Sh. Harivansh Rai Bachchan
    Those who persevere do not taste of defeat.
  4. This mantra appears at the beginning of Jap Ji Sahab, the text written by Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Meaning has been provided.
  5. It Couldn't Be Done, by Edgar A. Guest
    Just carry on working at what you've set your heart out on, ignoring the naysayers, and you'll do anything.
  6. The World Is Against Me, by Edgar A. Guest
    People who had lesser means than you have succeeded. No one but your excuses are against you.
  7. Things Work Out, by Edgar A. Guest
    In the end, everything works out even though in the middle it looks like it has gone all wrong.
  8. Jo Beet Gayi, So Baat Gayi, by Sh. Harivansh Rai Bachchan
    A consolation.
  9. Waqt Nahin, by Anonymous
    So busy trying to make a living, and a mess of life, that we don't have the time to live. We have never lived. We don't know what life is.
  10. Oft have I seen at some cathedral door, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
    Whatever your troubles, just turn it over to God. It will be taken care of.
  11. Storms, by Margie DeMerell
    Adversity comes to give you something.
  12. Anyway, by Wayne Dyer
    Don't think too much about them. It's not about them; it never was.
  13. Waiting, by John Burroughs
    Great blessings come to those that do good.
  14. Agneepath, by Sh. Harivansh Rai Bachchan
    Life is as challenging as walking on fire, and you're your only help.
  15. This, too, shall pass, by Helen Steiner Rice
    No matter what it is you're going through, it will pass. Everything passes. Nothing sticks around here. Just hang in there. It won't be long.
  16. This, too, will pass, by Grace Noll Crowell
    No matter what it is you're going through, it will pass. Everything passes. Nothing sticks around here. Just hang in there. It won't be long.
  17. This, too, shall pass away!, by Paul Hamilton Hayne
    Glad or sad, dwell over your condition not, for it is only for a few moments. It will pass away any minute now.
  18. Ozymandias, by Percy Bysshe Shelley
    All that is dust comes to dust. So much a hubris about nothing.
  19. Veer Tum Badhe Chalo, by Sh. Dwarika Prasad Maheshwari
    An encouragement for the children, the youth of our nation, and everyone who needs it.
  20. The Thinker, by Berton Braley
    Thought is the basis of action, thought is the seed from which the results of actions germinate, and thought indeed is the source of habit. Of all that is seen and heard and done, thought is verily the foundation.
  21. A fighter plane pilot who is about to die ponders over an important question about life.
  22. Carry On, by Robert W. Service
    When you meet with obstacles, carry on.
  23. The Quiet Life, by Alexander Pope
    The life that's worth living is the life of simplicity, fulfilment, solitude, contentment and anonymity.
  24. Climb 'Til Your Dream Comes True, by Helen Steiner Rice
    Have faith in God and keep climbing till your dream comes true. All will fall into its proper place at the right time.
  25. Secret Thoughts, by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
    Whatever you think secretly is causing the events in your life to happen. You can change your life by changing what you think. Be careful what you think. The law of karma explained.
  26. The Winds of Fate, by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
    It is your determination and not the obstacles on your way that will decide your success or failure in reaching your goal.
  27. Leisure, by William Henry Davies
    A life that doesn't afford one the leisure to roll on the grass, to stand and stare at flowers, trees and birds, to come out of the house and bathe in the rain, is indeed a poor life.
  28. Character of a Happy Life, by Sir Henry Wotton
    What does the man who is on his way to enlightenment look like? Indeed he looks like this one.
  29. Don't Quit, by Anonymous
    When it seems the worst, that's when you mustn't quit.
  30. Comfort Zone, by Anonymous
    Have faith, take the leap of faith and step out of your comfort zone.
  31. Nay, do not grieve, by Sarojini Naidu
    Your troubles are only a passing. They will soon be gone. Do not grieve.
  32. Say not the struggle naught availeth, by Arthur Hugh Clough
    Your goal is seeking you just as much. Your steps are not in vain. It's coming. It will meet you in a moment most unexpected.
  33. Forgiveness, by John Greenleaf Whittier
    One day, they will be dead. One day, you too will die. Everything dies. All this is momentary. Forgive.
  34. Revenge, by Charles Henry Webb
    Try it and it will come right back at you. Every blow you deal, you shall find yourself hit.
  35. A prayer.
  36. The Guy in the Glass, by Dale Wimbrow
    You will be free from sorrow if you remain true to your conscience at every step. He who isn't honest with himself, he who doesn't rely on the wisdom of his own conscience is a useless bum who is set to suffer, no matter how successful he thinks he might be.
  37. The Cold Within, by Anonymous
    Selfishness destroys.
  38. Bag of Tools, by R. L. Sharpe
    We build our own destiny. We can change it with proper thought and proper action.
  39. Sorrow, by Aubrey de Vere
    An ode to sorrow.
  40. Opportunity, by Edward Rowland Sill
    The lack of resources does not deter those that lack not in will.
  41. Today, by Thomas Carlyle
    Today has arrived a brand new day. Will you let it slip uselessly away?
  42. Chalna Hamara Kaam Hai, by Sh. Shivmangal Singh Suman
    Life is an unsolvable puzzle. Perhaps it is about accepting its mystery. So, what's left to us is to simply keep going no matter what.
  43. My Creed, by Edgar A. Guest
    Acceptance of what comes out of life, honesty, friendliness, simplicity, faith in God. This is the philosophy of the most natural way of living.
  44. The Road Not Taken, by Robert Frost
    I just followed my heart, even if no one was doing what it said I must do. Never asked for advise of anyone outside myself. And that's made all the difference.
  45. The Victor, by C. W. Longenecker
    Whether you think you can't, or you think you can, in either case, you're right. As you think, so it shall be.
  1. I Am That, by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
    A compilation of talks with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.