Do you want to become a software developer? Or a better one?

I'll soon be starting an online training course for absolute beginners who want to learn computer programming so as to start a career in software development. This will also be beneficial for those who already studied software engineering or BTech or such but do not understand concepts well, and need expert hands-on help. It will also help already working software engineers understand coding better and do their job better.

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Thought for the Day
  1. Oh, the job titles these days!
    A satire on the meaningless job titles especially in the IT industry today.
  2. Famous Actors Who Never Went to Acting School
    A list of famous actors who did not go to any acting school.
Translations and Commentaries
  1. Upanishad Ganga: Espiode 32: Bliss, The Happy Man's Shirt
    English translation of Episode 32 of Upanishad Ganga, a television series that conveys the message of the Upanishads. The episode is named Bliss, The Happy Man's Shirt
  2. Ho Sadho! Yeh Tan Thaath Tamboore Ka.
    English translation and commentary on the Sufi saint Kabir's Hindi poem 'Ho Sadho, Yeh Tan Thaath Tamboore Ka'.
  3. Vin Boleya Sab Kish Janda
    English translation and commentary on the Punjabi/Gurmukhi shabad 'Vin Boleya Sab Kish Janda'.
  1. Please let us feed the cows.
    A message for my dear Indian brothers and sisters. Please let us not let the cows around us starve.
  2. Please let us not forfeit the wages of our maid-servants for the lockdown period.
    A message for my dear Indian brothers and sisters. When our maid-servants return after this lockdown period (due to the spread of Corona virus), that we please pay them their wages for this period of leave as well; that we not forfiet their wages for this period.
  3. Samadhi Movie
    Daniel Schmidt's films about his own Samadhi experiences.