Do you want to become a software developer? Or a better one?
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Who is Sathyaish?

I am a software developer living in Noida, India. I've been programming since May 1997. From 1997 - 2004-ish, it was Visual Basic and Win32 API. Since after then, it has mostly been C# .NET but with some experience in client-side JavaScript, Java, Kotlin, and Node -- in that order.

I've also dabbled with C/C++ (quite a bit), Python (not so much) and Scheme (very, very, very tiny bit) but that's why I won't mention them at all.

I write software and also teach. I am very good at both.

I'm looking for work. I'm also open to full-time employment offers.

Software Development
What kind of full-time roles are you open to?

Ideally, a technical leadership role where I train and mentor your technical team helping them develop great products for you or projects for your clients.

If you'd like to hire me as a senior software engineer and write code, though, I would like to be given some autonomy in the following aspects of work:

  1. I would like to give my input about how long something would take with room for flexibility.
  2. I would request a minimum participation in phone calls during my evening hours.

A Request:
My present situation allows me to work either from an office in Noida where I live with frequent work-from-home days or simply to work remotely from my home in case you do not have an office in Noida. I am able to travel as required for short periods of time, say a week at a time every month or so.

If you're okay with that arrangement, please send me an email at Sathyaish at gmail dot com mentioning the role you are considering hiring me for and the budget.

How much do you charge?
For Corporate Training

Once you send me an email with your training requirement, based on the level of articulation of your requirement, I will send you a quote along with my terms and conditions, and a request for a 50% advance.

Upon your written acceptance in email of the terms, and upon receipt of the 50% advance payment, I will be able to get on a call with you and we'll work it from there.

Corporate Training Programs

If you'd like a training that's not in the list, please email me and ask anyway. It's hard to think up every little tool, technology and/or skill and put it in a list. I just might be able to teach that thing as well.

All training programs are practical, hands-on programming oriented with plenty of coding exercises for the students also to do.

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Terms and Conditions for Training
  1. An advance of 50% to be paid upfront upon agreement of terms and conditions by the client. The remaining 50% of the money shall be paid by the client not later than one week from the date of completion of the training.
  2. All work such as preparation of table of contents or sharing of content shall begin subject to receipt of the advance.
  3. A sufficient period of preparation of content and subject will be provided by the client.
  4. If the training is cancelled, the advance shall not be refunded.
  5. Up to two instances of postponement or rescheuling of the training will be accepted. Upon the third request for such alteration in schedule, the training engagement shall be rescinded and the advance forfieted.
  6. All incidentals such as travel, stationary, accommodation, etc. are to be paid for by the client.
  7. For overseas training, visa costs to be borne by the client.
  8. For overseas training, a per diem to cover cost of living to be paid in addition to the training charges.