The Strong Idiot with the Blindfold and the Infectious Maniac

Saturday, 20th August 2011

Who are you? A slave of someone else's ideas. A follower. A cultist. A patron.

Let me invent my terminology. You can then join mine.

I am a fool. I will cover it, and tell you a lie. I will at least have your curiosity. I will mystify and I may even have your money.

I run a circus. You are the clown in which.

Feel no guilt for your indolence. It is your right to spend your hours in a lull of oblivion. Watch the television with the same tasteless, indifferent, apathetic fickle-mindedness with which you switch through tabs on your Internet browser. Sleep. Ask for an opinion. Ask for advise. It's better than taking the first step. Go where there're a few footsteps. Check things through. Do only what has been tested. You won't get hurt. Make your place in the crowd. Strengthen a cause. The leader needs you. You are important. Vote for a cause on Facebook. That's all there is to life.

Obsession is bad. Unhealthy. Don't spin your wheels.

Institutionalize. Everything intuitive can be institutionalized. Let's do it.

Do not think. Your mental resources were not given to be used towards the accomplishment of ends you choose. Choice is a responsibility. Open another tab in that Internet browser. Let's make someone a rich man.