Reward Success and Failure Alike. Punish Indecision and Inactivity Instead.

Friday, 16th November 2012

I am likely paraphrasing someone here but the idea remains potent and applicable.

Success will come sooner out of error than out of confusion.

In your organization, reward success and mistakes alike. Punish inactivity and indecision instead.

People making mistakes will soon find the right way. The project with errors will evolve into a workable state.

The people who don't start at all will stagnate. Those who stall will stall their own progress. The ones with eternally cold feet and indecisive minds will decay. They'll stay where they are until they're old with age and find themselves broke and dependent on someone else for their basic needs. This will happen. They're procrastinating on every thing else about their life, remember. It's a habit built into them.