Persistent Effort Builds Momentum

Tuesday, 29th January 2013

The greatest inventors have recorded the maximum number of failed attempts at their inventions. The highest paid actors have given the maximum number of flops at the box office. The highest paid sportsmen have lost the maximum number of games. The most talked about entrepreneurs failed at the maximum number of businesses.

Everybody who is the thought of as the best at what they do were at one time not at all good at the thing they do best. Everybody told them that they sucked.

They kept dropping the ball still, hammering at their craft still, starting new business enterprises still, delivering flops still until eventually the same people turned around and started sucking up to them vying for their attention.

Fame, fortune, wealth and the other blessings of life do not care for hits or misses. They only care for and reward effort. People who are successful are so because they tried the maximum number of shots. Obviously, they also recorded the maximum number of failures. With time, they got better and then best, but they continue to record the maximum number of failed attempts. Life rewards effort.

Repeated effort is the cause, success a meagre effect and failure a faithful repetend.

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