It's Happening Right Now

Wednesday, 5th December 2012

But things in this life change very slowly, if they ever change at all.

The Sad Café, Eagles

I am not the same body I was 20 years ago. So it is with you. Think about it.

It is a miracle. Except for the non-corporeal 'I,' everything else is different. Ten years later, it will different again.

Nature is constantly working miracles right under our noses. We're too busy eking out a living to take notice.

Things work slowly, but they do. Deliberation towards an outcome, whether merely by thought or by action, is materializing the outcome, albeit slowly. Very slowly. It is happening right now. Every day. It's like putting money in the bank a few cents at a time at a compounding compound interest. You just can't see the balance grow until a few years later when you discover you're stinking rich.

It's happening. You just can't see it at this speed.

I have caught myself in silent wonder at least a handful of times thinking this, "Goodness gracious! This is exactly how I wanted it to be, ten years ago," with the details right down to the color of the shirt I wore in the dreams of my past day.

A few times, only a very few times, it has taken only a few weeks.

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