Actors Needed For Short Film

Tuesday, 7th October 2014

I am looking for two proper actors -- a male and a female -- for my first short film.



Should look middle-aged, about 30 to early 40-ish.

Should look married, whatever that means. If you've been married for some time, it'll help because you'll understand the chemistry.

Should be slightly plump, unmannerly, unkempt somewhat. Should have a fully covered head of hair. Stubbly with a paunch preferred.

You're a weary middle-aged, married-for-a-few-years husband who's tired. Tired of it all -- of the constancy of a routine that offers no adventure, of the stability of your matrimonial existence, and of that unknown constant. But you do not seek the thrill of adventure. You're submitted, resigned, sealed, a conformist. The absence of adventure is a delicate string that only wriggles through your head all the time like the gas in your stomach that you can be sure of is there because you hear it at times but you're not always thinking of it in that it doesn't hinder you going about your day.

As an actor, of course, you have to be nimble, but in your role, you're someone lazy and you should therefore be able to naturally be languid. Apathetic is what you are.

You have difficulty moving around the house. You're also mostly physically tired.


Mid 30's. Sort of good looking but not too much.

You're the slighly better looking middle-class wife of our fat man. You're devoted, but not traditional. You're good around the house. You care. You're also the person that wears the pants in the house.


I live in Noida where we'll also be shooting. It'll help if you're a local. If not, you'll have to be here on your own during the shoot. I will give you at least a 60 days' advance notice. You'll have a proper script.

Shooting Date:

I have a proper script. I will give you at least 60 days' notice before the shoot.

I will need 5 days of yours. The shoot will take 2 - 3 days at the most. It'll mostly take a day but I am adding a buffer for things going wrong. In addition to the shoot, I'll need a day or two for the rehearsals, blocking and trying out different lighting at the shooting location.


Zero. I don't have any money. I can't pay. I will be borrowing camera and lenses.


Whether you are a male or a female actor, you'll need to be an actor with previous experience. You must have a very clear diction.

Also, I would very much like to see some of your previous work.

So, as a trained actor, you'll need to:

  1. have faced the camera earlier;
  2. and be absolutely natural in front of the camera;
  3. have the memory of an elephant, meaning you can memorize loads of dialogue before you walk into the location and recite it back while extremely at ease, as though you're regurgitating what you just had for lunch
  4. you have a very clear diction
  5. you have a previous reel you can show me
  6. you fit the description outlined above


Please write to Sathyaish at gmail dot com with the subject line [Your Gender] for First Short -- [Your Full Name]

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