8 Success Secrets For Wanna Be Pilots and Pilots For Success In Flying Aeroplanes

Saturday, 12th April 2014

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Never flown an aeroplane, personally speaking, but here are a few tips for success in it.

We are life-hackers and for the love of God, today we will teach you how to fly an aeroplane and get lots of success in that field. And there's money to be made, too.

Like Freud's philosophy on psychoanalysis, our 12-step program covers everything. More on that later. First, let's fly the aeroplane successfully.

1) Drink water
God swear, you should drink it. Ask anyone.

Plus, this is there in every article, whatever it is about. You have to start it with drink water. In some science articles and all, they'll say difficult things like "stay hydrated," and stuff so they can publish in science and medical journals.

2) Get into the aeroplane
Do you vomit when you get into a bus? When I was little, I knew an aunt who used to. When you put her in the bus or something, she would sit by the window and start puking after some time. I felt so nice seeing her do that. Then when I grew up, I started to feel bad for people like that. Some people also start to vomit in the aeroplane. That's because in the inside, an aeroplane is just like a bus. That's why they have those paper bags so you can vomit in them. If you feel like that, try not to feel like that. Because the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Go and sit in that place in the front where the pilot is supposed to sit. Yeah, cockpit. It sounds like a cuss word but if you have to fly it, well, what can you do?

3) Stop being someone else
In Nutty Professor, Eddie Murphy wears a lot of things to become different people. But he's playing different parts there. In real life also, some people like to wear a beard or a mask or a mustache and go out and shop, esp. famous people so they won't be arsed by people who go like, "Hey! You're Eddie Murphy. I know you."

That's okay to do if you are famous. And when you are on theatre or in the movies. It is so much fun. But when you are in an aeroplane, why wear a beard and put on make-up and stuff while flying it? There's no point. Just go as yourself and fly it.

4) Stop doing the 30 things that you should absolutely stop doing today.

5) Smile often. Sometimes they'll give you a nice white color uniform and a cap to wear while flying an aeroplane. I have also seen some ugly looking guys in pyjamas like they just woke up sitting in the cockpit but in films and all, they'll show a man wearing a nice, white safari suit and a cap and smiling to himself while holding the aeroplane's steering wheel. Do that. You'll look cool.

I got this image from All-Free-Download.com

6) Don't drink and fly. In that Denzel Washington movie, he has cocaine or something and puts it in his ear or however they take it. Don't do any of that. And don't drink while flying the aeroplane, man.

7) You are a spiritual being in a physical body having a physical experience and not a physical being in a spiritual body enjoying a sexual experience. Always remember that.

8) Fly the aeroplane sweetly, tenderly, lovingly and successfully. Don't crash it.

Join our 12-step program. There's money to be made. Just $7,000. It promises many things.

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