Fresher's Training Program: Guerilla Tactics For The Wannabe Software Developer

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Wednesday, 15th June 2011


If you're just fresh out of college and want to become a software developer, I have a training program for you. This training program is designed to teach you all the neccessary skills to secure a job in the IT industry as a successful .NET developer writing code in C#.

If you wish to enroll for this traning program, please get in touch with me and categorically mention in your message about your interest in enrolling for this fresher's training program.


Course Contents
  • Improve Your English
    • Daily English vocabulary and grammar classes
    • Group reading
    • Daily writing
    • Elocution

  • Web Programming: Client-side
    • Hper Text Markup Language (HTML) 4
    • Document Object Model (DOM)
    • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) 3
    • JavaScript

  • Getting familiar with the tools of the trade
    • Visual Studio Express 2010
    • SQL Server Management Studio
    • Reflector
    • FxCop
    • NUnit

  • Basics You Absolutely Must Know But Only The Best Programmers Know
    • What is Unicode
    • Data types and machine architectures
    • Floating point numbers
    • Traditional Memory Management Systems
    • Memory Allocation Algorithms
    • What is Garbage Collection
    • Deterministic Finalization
    • Threads and timers

  • The C# Language - version 1 to 4
    • Common Language Runtime (CLR) and the Common Type System (CTS)
    • C# data types
    • Value types vs. Reference types
    • Boxing and unboxing
    • Inheritence in C#
    • Class modifiers
    • Access specifiers
    • Object oriented programming with C#
      • Classes
      • Objects
      • Interfaces
      • Important interfaces in the .NET framework and how to use them
    • Delegates, their short hand syntaxes
    • Static classes
    • Extension Methods
    • Linq to Objects
    • Lambda Expressions
    • Creating and using expression trees
    • Iterators
    • Generics
    • Variance in C#, covariance and contravariance
    • Named and optional parameters
    • No PIA
    • The dynamic keyword
    • Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR)

  • A preview of C# version 5
  • Threading in the .NET framework
  • XML Serialization
  • Binary Serialization
  • JSON and other formats
  • Database Design Concepts
    • Database design from a business problem description
    • Entity Relationship (E/R) Diagrams
    • Data Flow
    • Database Normalization

  • T-SQL grammar
    • Data Definition -- creating tables, views, and other database objects
    • Data Manipulation - writing queries and sub-queries, user defined functions, stored procedures, cursors, triggers

  • Web programming with ASP.NET: Server-side
    • Server Controls
    • Configuration
    • Authentication & Authorization
    • State Management -- Cookies, Session, ViewState
    • Caching
    • Security

  • Stuff they won't tell you but you'll be supposed to know
  • Stuff that they'll lie to you about

Mode of instruction
I don't use slides. Ever. This is a hands-on training program where we will learn only by writing code.

Course Duration:
96 hours. Classes for 4 hours every day from Monday through Thursday for 6 weeks.

Class Timings:
Yet to be decided. Either 5 AM to 9 AM, or 12 PM to 4 PM.

Course Fee:
Rs.20,000 only. Rs.9,600 (Rupees Nine Thousand Six Hundred) only. This works out to less than Rs.100 per hour. You will not find an industrial training of this quality for this price.

Will you get me a job after this course?
Firstly, I will not enroll anyone who approaches me into this program. I will first judge if you are a good student or not. If you are, I will not only train you and give you all the time and individual attention you need, but I will also help you secure a position at a good company. But I do not promise that as a guaranteed outcome. I can tell you, though, that if you are a good student and you follow with me through the end of this program, you will be so good that you will not have to go after jobs chasing them. Jobs will come looking for you. I'll get the word out to the companies I know about you and hand them your resume. I will broadcast your resume to all the contacts in my network and it will not be a problem at all to get you suitable employment as a C# programmer. Moreover, the company that hires you will really have gotten one of the best candidates out of their batch of freshers. This is a guarantee I can make.

How to enroll for this training program?
If you want to enroll yourself for this program, please get in touch with me and mention categorically that you wish to enroll for the fresher's training program.