Training Programs

I started teaching in 1993. I started my computer programming career in 1997. I kept teaching along with my day job as a programmer for many years.

After teaching for 9 years and working with many software companies for close to 15 years, I quit employment in February 2011 to get into business for myself as a software consultant and trainer. My business firm is called A Guy With A Laptop (AGWAL), a metaphor for the fact that in today's world of abundant opportunity, you do not need money to start a business. If you've got the smarts, then all you need is a laptop with an Internet connection.

I began my computer programming career in 1997 writing VB 5/6 code. Since 2003, I have mostly been working with C# and the .NET ecosystem. I am familiar with other languages, too, but my area of expertise remains .NET.

One method of categorizing the training programs I offer may be as follows:

  1. Technical Programs - Computer Programming
    These training programs are aimed at improving the quality of technical expertise within a software development organization. Some of the topics are specific to the .NET platform and some are not. When teaching programming, I mostly do not use slides. Instead, I write code and ask the students to do the same. Below is a list of programs in this category.
    1. Ten Things Every .NET Developer Must Know
    2. Linq to Objects
    3. Principles of Software Architecture : SOLID Object Oriented Design
    4. Chain of Responsibility : Real World Design Patterns
    5. The Visitor : Real World Design Patterns
    6. Learn C# (covers versions 1 to 3)
    7. .NET Fresher’s Batch Training
    8. Dynamic Code Generation: Writing Code that Writes Code
    9. Dependency Injection with Unity
    10. How Microsoft implements deferred execution in LINQ
    11. Trailer: Writing Code that Writes Code
    12. Delegates
    13. .NET - Generating indented text with IndentedTextWriter
    14. Dependency Injection with Unity - Part 1
    15. Dependency Injection with Unity - Part 2
    16. Dependency Injection with Unity - Part 3
    17. Object Oriented Programming with C#
    18. Real World Design Patterns using C#
    19. Fun with Regular Expressions
    20. Learn C# 4
    21. Advanced C# 5
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  3. Functional
    Functional training programs focus on improving productivity through improvement in a functional area such as sales or recruitment or customer support.
    1. Technical Orientation for the Technical Recruiter
    2. How to Sell More: Selling secrets that you don't know

  4. Soft-skills
    Soft-skills programs have a horizontal orientation. Their focus is on behavioural aspects of an employee. Therefore the applicability of these programs cuts across the board to all employees irrespective of their department, function or role in the organization.
    1. The Science of Goal Achievement

These lists are not exhaustive. Please feel free to talk to me about your organization's specific learning requirements and I shall be happy to customize a learning module for your team.