Read what people who attended my workshop The Science of Goal Achievement on 30th April 2011 and 30th July 2011 are saying about it. View pictures from the 30th April 2011 and 30th July 2011.



"Sathyaish's workshop The Science of Goal Achievement was really an inspiring experience. I have been practicing his methods of goal achievement and trust me, it's only been a week since the workshop and my goals seem clearer to me now than they have ever been. Attend his workshops, and you will see for yourself what I am talking about. I can't wait to be a part of more of his workshops."
(Visual Communication) BFA 2nd Year
Delhi College of Art, New Delhi, India
"The workshop The Science of Goal Achievement enlighted me about the importance of setting a target, the value of goals in life, the secret to being successful and also provided the scientific background and a theory to match, while explaining the qualities of a successful goal achiever. It gave us all the impetus to aim still higher and to set goals for ourselves, to do our best and trust in the wisdom and the power of the subconscious, which he referred to as the non-conscious activity of the brain, to follow through for our success. The message was clear -- a positive approach and fearlessness will give you gifts in life that you cannot imagine. The workshop was indeed an inspirational talk with great tips to follow and implement in life from a highly-esteemed, talented, knowledgeable and motivational teacher -- Sathyaish."
Associate Director
Jubilant Chemsys Ltd., Noida
"I am really feeling lucky and fortunate to be a part of your workshop that day. I really appreciate your quality to motivate people. I am quite sure it will have a great impact in my life. I am feeling very positive and enthusiastic. I wish to attend the same one more time."
Jubilant Chemsys Ltd., Noida
"This was the best workshop I ever had attended. It was very well organized. Before this training I even was not aware what basically a goal means, but now I know very well how to set goals and how to achieve them. I would like to recommend this training to all of my friends. I am looking for such more trainings conducted by you. Please keep posting me about all such trainings. Thank you for sharing your knwoledge. You're doing fantastic job!"
Associate Consultant
GlobalLogic India Pvt. Ltd.
"I feel so lucky to have attended this workshop titled The Science of Goal Achievement. It was a wonderful session. You have a way of making complex topics really interesting. Thank you for this fantastic workshop. I truly appreciate it."
Sr. Asst. Professor, HoD Computer Science & Engineering
Gurgaon College of Engineering - Gurgaon
"Firstly a big thanks to you for the wonderful, eye-opener session. I personally felt that doing the monotous work and making the life as routine didn't give someone a chance to look into his goals. Everyone has a dream/wish for which they need to be determined and have to have a goal. But most of us are not aware what is difference in those who achieve those goals and others still in the rat race to everyday existence. Usually, it happens that reading motivational books or listening to motivational stories helps us create our goals and helps us meet targets. But as time passes and daily routine work gets the better of us, the zeal to run after the goal declines. Those who have attended your session have learnt about the techniques that can be used to stay focussed on the goal and not lose sight of it. They have learnt the scientific reason behind the techniques. Your real life examples have backed your statements up very well. I wish you awesome success for meeting your targets. And please stay in touch."
Tata Consultancy Services, Noida
"Until I attended this workshop, I assumed that you will talk about some motivational stuff which could be something extra ordinary (as it was common of you to do the uncommon), I really didn't get why you were using the word Science in the title. I thought that was a gimmick. However, now after having attended the workshop, I cansay that you not only took it through very nicely but actually explained (rather proved) the why and how science is used. I never thought that our subconscious mind is so powerful and capable of doing so many things that it can just change our lives. Thank you so much for making my day so good. Now it’s up to me how I make best use of it :-) Lastly, you were so nice throughout the day and were so very well-prepared. It must have taken months of preparation to deliver such a fantastic job. Thank you so much again and you rock as always."
IT Specialist
Fidelity National Information Services, Gurgaon
"It was a pleasure listening to you on the topic of The Science of Goal Achievement. I found you to be very clear in your thought process. You deserve to be known as one of the best trainers on this subject. I am really impressed by your multi subject knowledge in Physics , Engineering and Brain Science. Please do keep me informed about your future such programmes so that I may attend with my friends and family."
Head - Logistics
Hero Honda Motors Ltd., New Delhi
"I attended Sathyaish's workshop on Saturday, 30th April 2011, titled The Science of Goal Achievement. The topic caught my interest as soon as I read about it. So, I registered for the same. It was a revelation hearing Sathyaish talk about it. He is a speaker who talks with passion and from self experience. The anecdotes make one think that if it could happen to him, it could very well happen to me also. Not only that, the speaker talks from experience but also that he has studied everything in depth. The explanations and the content of the talk in itself tells the audience about knowledge of Sathyaish. He is very well-read and carries a zeal only a few others can boast of. I really recomend that one avails of these opporunities, registers for his training programs and goes back a lot motivated."
"Thank you very much for conducting such a wonderful workshop. I did enjoy it, to be very honest, and also learnt from it. It was great investment both ways be it money or time. It will be my pleasure to attend your workshops and training modules as and when I get time. Thanks once again for what you have conveyed to us in such a lucid way -- the science of goal achievement."
Associate Director-HR
Fareportal India (P) Ltd., New Delhi
"Your workshop has reminded me the words “Excellence comes when the performer takes pride in doing his best”. Every job is a self portrait of the person who does it regardless of what the job is. We all have hidden treasures. All we need to do is to bring them to surface and use it. Your words/teachings/passion in The Science of Goal Achievement has proved beyond doubt that you are not only an excellent performer but also carry with you an immense hidden treasure of capabilities. The learning which I have received from the workshop has been immense and I will try to adopt it in my life. Looking forward to attend many more workshops like this one."
Sr. Associate - People Development
Globallogic India P Ltd., Noida
"It was joy being at your workshop. There were a lot of new things which I had learned. The kind of knowledge I had was very good. I surely believe it will prove to be beneficial for me and for those who had attended your workshop in the future. Thanks a lot for making me a part of it."
Ms. Nandini Agrawal
Student, Class X
Lotus Valley International School, Sector 126, Noida
"The workshop was very intersting and I learnt many things out of it. I will surely recommend this to my friends. I am eager to attend your future workshops."
Ms. Maanvi
Student, Class X
St. Thomas Aquinas, New Delhi
"Sathyaish is a bag of surprises. I had no idea he was so well-read on this topic and had such in-depth knowledge on matters of the human mind."
Mrs. Kamlesh Malik
Section Officer, National Board of Examination, Government of India
"The Science of Goal Achievement workshop was wonderful and empowering. I am really thankful to you for rolling out such a wonderful workshop. I had a wonderful time yesterday. At the workshop I reconnected to my higher self, and experienced confidence building to do the right thing. Learning about the Science of Goal Achievement has been like learning the secret to life. I am blown away by what I have learned and I am grateful. I will be trying to make best use of what I learned yesterday. Also, the lunch at Raddision was awesome. The Gajar Ka Halwa in desserts was too good. Please ask them to include it again in the menu during your upcoming workshops."
Software Engineer
Corporate Executive Board, Gurgaon
"Very, very enlightening! I was able to have insights about myself. What a brilliant, beautiful process. I look forward to seeing the amazing, positive changes that will happen in my life as I continue to practice the science of goal achievement. Thank you!"
Software Engineer
Polaris Software Labs, Gurgaon