Methodology. Mitochondria. Leadership. I am so smart.

I know stuff you don't. Success strategy package for only $7,231 a piece. I know everything. You don't know stuff.

Center of Excellence (CoE). Thought leaders. I can change your life.

I am a professional speaker. I talk too much, mostly motivational gibberish. You know, the kind that overly priced speakers do. The ones that take all your money and make you feel good. I do that.

I like getting people all pumped up about setting goals and going after them. That's because I myself am a self-motivated individual.

I assure you, when I deliver a talk to your company's employees, the first impression they are going to get is, "Give or take, this thing is about 40 lbs over-weight."

And then immediately afterwards, their second thought will be, "He shouldn't talk so much about going to the gym when he himself needs it most."

If not soon after that, at some point in time, the thought will cross their minds that they are having a good time away from work.

I desperately feel the urge to fly on an airplane for free, stay at nice hotels and enjoy free meals, and visit the UAE, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, UK and some other countries I can't remember the names of unless I see the Atlas. It's been a while I have sat on an international flight. If you are one of those rich companies with lots of employees, and some spare cash, please hire me.

If you are a training manager at one of such companies, I might just be the person you are looking for. With your annual budgetary deadline approaching, you are, perhaps, worrying about how to spend the rather large still unspent portion of your budget. My overly priced programs help. You will be amazed at how I super charge both, your company's workforce and its bill. Just ask and I will help you spend your budget in no time.