Thoughts On The Cosmos

Franklin Pierce Adams


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Synposis: We've all got conflict built into us. One moment yet, and we are optimists; another, we wallow in gloom and doom. Every few years, we change our beliefs.

Do you also feel that way sometimes that you really don't know what to think. In this vast universe of infinite possibilities, every explanation seems like a valid theory, and you'd rather not care which is true and which is not.

I too feel, at times, that I can't take a stand, I can't confirm my belief in one belief. Who knows! More importantly, who cares!


I do not hold with him who thinks
The world is jonahed by a jinx;
That everything is sad and sour,
And life a withered hothouse flower.


I hate the Pollyanna pest
Who says that All Is for the Best,
And hold in high, unhidden scorn
Who sees the Rose, nor feels the Thorn.


I do not like extremists who
Are like the pair in (I) and (II);
But how I hate the wabbly gink,
Like me, who knows not what to think!