The Winds of Fate

Ella Wheeler Wilcox


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Synposis: Your circumstances don't decide anything. What you do with your circumstances does. What happens to you doesn't decide, what you do with what happens to you does decide your success.

The same calamities are met with by the positive thinker as are by the negative one. Yet, they have different outcomes at the other end because of the way they think.

It's what's in your head that will determine your future, not what's outside it. It's the set of the sails (the direction or goal you choose for yourself), and not the gales (the winds, the circumstances of life that toss you about here or there) that will decide. It's the set of the soul (chosen ambition) that tells its goal (ultimate outcome).

The same winds blow on all of us. Yet, some reach their port where others drift endlessly.

I keep saying this and I'll say this again. Those who are already there at the top, they all did it with their heads and not so much with their hands.

One ship drives east and another drives west
With the selfsame winds that blow.
Tis the set of the sails
And not the gales
Which tells us the way to go.
Like the winds of the seas are the ways of fate,
As we voyage along through the life:
Tis the set of a soul
That decides its goal,
And not the calm or the strife.

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