The Thinker

Berton Braley


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Synopsis: Just as each physical object is brought into creation first by imagining what it would look like, and then by acting upon it, so also, behind every thing else, too, lies the thinker or the thinking process or imagination or thought.

Behind every success is thought.

Success is the result of a vision, belief in it, working daily towards it and persevering through the tough times with a positive mental attitude. The journey to success is a test of one's mental strength, and not so much of one's skill or talent.

Our thoughts determine our success of failure. Our mental attitude determines where in life we end up.

Those who are successful did it with their heads and not so much with their hands. The man who is defeated also has worked very hard, but the difference is in the attitude of his mind and his thoughts. Our thoughts, our self-confidence, our belief in ourselves helps us become successful. Success is the result of mostly mental toughness.

Back of the beating hammer
By which the steel is wrought,
Back of the workshop's clamor
The seeker may find the Thought;
The thought that is ever Master
of iron and steam and steel,
That rises above disaster
And tramples it under heel.

The drudge may fret and tinker
Or labor with lusty blows,
But back of him stands the Thinker,
The clear-eyed man who knows;
For into each plow and saber,
Each piece and part and whole,
Must go the brains of labor,
Which gives the work a soul.

Back of the motor's humming,
Back of the bells that ring,
Back of the hammer's drumming,
Back of the cranes that swing,
There is the Eye which scans them,
Watching through stress and strain,
There is the mind which plans them--
Back of the brawn, the Brain.

Might of the roaring boiler,
force of the engine's thrust,
Strength of the sweating toiler,
Greatly hi these we trust;
But back of them stands the schemer,
The Thinker who drives things through,
Back of the job -- the Dreamer
Who's making the dream come true.

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