How You Accomplish Your Work

Julie Hebert
Obtained from this web page.
Reproduced with the explicit written permission of the poet.


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Synopsis: Do you love your work? Or do you just like the pay: the money you get from doing it?

If somehow, your living expenses and all other financial needs were taken care of, and there was absolutely no reason to worry about money, would you still be doing what you are doing today?

Does the thought of your work light up your face with enthusiasm, or does it weaken your spirit? It is a strange thing how many people continue to work at jobs they hate.

Those that love what they do must consider themselves blessed and be thankful for it.

How you accomplish your work,
Says a lot about who you are.
As many other things can,
Life can be very bizarre.

Do you attack your work,
With confidence that goes for miles?
Or do you approach with fear,
Having trouble tackling the piles?

To have confidence in your work,
Means you are self assured.
You love everything about your job,
And feel very secure.

If you approach with fear,
You're usually not so sure.
The work you do makes you uncomfortable,
And you definitely don't feel secure.

It often makes me wonder,
How people work in jobs they hate.
Sometimes they have no choice,
And other times they sit and wait.

For those who have a choice,
To do the work they love.
Count yourselves very lucky,
And remember to thank above.


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