John McLeod


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Synposis: By choosing our thoughts, we create our own lives. Each day is a new day that marks the starting point for the rest of your life. Each day presents us with a new choice. We can choose happiness and joy, or we can choose to wallow in the losses of the past.

We can choose to while the day away, or we can choose to view this new day as a new opportunity to move even closer towards our goals.

We have the choice and the power to create our present and our future.


Awakening, dawn's chorus
The day new, untouched
Waiting to be filled....

And will we paint a rainbow
With all its promise
Or dull the canvas
Sadly seen?

Each day brings its own colours
To be chosen, mixed,
Pigments of joy,
Happy moments,
Smiles and laughter....

And which will you choose?
For 'Life' is choice,
We are all painters
In our own way,
All needing to create
Something of worth,
Of lasting beauty,
Marking our journey....

Footprints in the sand....

The sky today is azure,
The sun warm and golden
A filigree of light and shadow-play
Through the gently swaying trees.

I clean my brushes,
Choose my palette
Of vibrant, living colours,
And begin to fill
Today's blank canvas


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