All honor to him who shall win a prize

Joaquin Miller


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Synopsis: He who wins is great; he who fails is also great. He who dies without winning is great too and for him, I shed pitiful tears in his honor; he who has the self-restraint to not indulge in a combat, I respect him, too; and he who abstains from wine, he who leads a life of discipline, him too I respect. But the greatest of all is that man who fails every day and still rises up again every time and continues to fight. He is my kindred blood.

All honor to him who shall win a prize,
The world has cried for a thousand years;
But to him who tries, and who fails and dies,
I give great honor, and glory, and tears.
Give glory and honor and pitiful tears
To all who fail in their deeds sublime;
Their ghosts and many in the van of years,
They were born with Time, in advance of Time.
Oh, great is the hem who wins a name;
But greater many, and many a time,
Some pale-faced fellow who dies in shame
And lets God finish the thought sublime.
and great is the man with a sword undrawn,
And good is the man who refrains from wine;
But the man who fails and yet still fights on,
Lo, he is the twin-brother of mine.

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