I Am A Goal Achiever Episode 5: Repetition Is The Key

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Wednesday, 14th December 2011

Repetition is a very powerful phenomenon, and once its repercussions are understood, we can use it to help us in the achievement of our goals.

The tendency to repeat old actions and hanker after old experiences is a natural condition. Whether or not an experience was pleasurable, we are inclined to repeat it. This tendency is endemic to the human brain. The brain is a self-examining, self-optimizing instrument that tends to optimize its own function.

When we repeat old behaviors, our brain, which tends towards optimizing its resources, caches old thought patterns as permanent neural connections. That is why it is difficult to break out of old habits. That is also why it is so easy to form new bad habits.

Our brain is constantly evolving structurally. This is known as neuroplasticity. When we employ repetition to form new habit patterns, we create new neural connections.

Repetition is the basis of habit and belief formation.

This is the undercurrent of all advertising gimmick. Advertisers exploit the power of repetition to lock us into using their products.

Repetition is also the basic mechanism responsible for the formation of memory.

It is also the mechanism through which we acquire all learning. Institutionalized education is redundant in that it is akin to a placebo. All motor skill and all education is acquired solely through repetition.

We may use repetition to override old bad habits with new ones by changing our thought patterns.

Simply by breaking initial inertia and taking the first step, and then using will power a few times to repeat a good behavior, we may transfer the execution of that behavior to the non-conscious/autonomous functioning of our brain, a phenomenon also referred to as the subconscious mind, and thus we may program ourselves to develop any new skill at any age.