I Am A Goal Achiever Episode 4: Challenge Your Beliefs

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Thursday, 10th November 2011

The instance of being asked a question posits on the nervous system a stress out of an obligation to offer an answer. And the way we are biologically hardwired leaves us with very little ability to venture into the recesses of our brain that have the true answers. As a result, we blurt out things we don't mean or even believe in, and act differently to our held beliefs, thus causing cognitive dissonance.

Further, our beliefs themselves are depositions of mostly irrational statements and opinions that have been fed into us through years of conditioning.

With stream-writing, and breath control, we may reconfigure our mental state into an objective one, and challenge our beliefs.

Most of our decisions are irrational, and we can't help it. Biology has hardwired us to be irrational. We can will ourselves into challenging most of our irrational beliefs to realize that our worthiness is only as little or as much as it we hold it to be.