A re you a software developer looking for a job?

If you are a software developer looking for full-time employment and you're of the kind that reads technical books and practices programming on a regular basis, and you consider yourself good, and you enjoy programming, and you wouldn't mind writing code during the interview, then, no matter which programming language you work with, and whatever your level of experience, please get in touch with me.

In the message you send me, please write your full name, your email address and a valid telephone number where I can get in touch with you.

You should be based out of Delhi/NCR or must be willing to relocate to Delhi/NCR.

Even if you're not (based out of Delhi/NCR), and if you're a good developer, just get in touch anyway.

If you know a good developer, then please share this link with him. Please have him get in touch with me.

At the moment, I am really looking for a couple of each:

  1. .NET developers (C# or VB.NET are both welcome)
  2. Java developers
  3. PHP developers
  4. PL/SQL developers

Even if your skill set does not fit into the list above, just get in touch anyway if you're a good developer.

Only developers please. If you think you're very senior or some kind of an architect or something who can't, won't and thinks it a shame to write code, then please do not get in touch. Only developers, please. If you're very experienced but you are proud to be called a developer, then please get in touch.