On Relationships, a short eBook from Henk and Nicholas of Revolutioniz

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Wednesday, 23rd November 2011

In the early part of the year 2010, I received an email, one that was sent to an entire mailing list, from Henk and Nicholas of Revolutioniz. The email contained three short ebooks, one of which was about relationships. I liked it. So much that I began taping my readings of the book.

This year, after many practice shots, I asked them if I could produce a reading of that ebook on my website to distribute it to visitors free of charge. After a few friendly email exchanges and some thinking, they said, "Yeah!"

If you have a spiritual bend of mind, you will like it. It talks about each of us being small fragments of an infinite consciousness, a whole. The whole experiences itself through us, its many parts. What we experience on the outside is but a mere reflection of our subjective internal state. Our relationships and interactions as such are our own projections of our internal state of mind to the outside environment. This is a belief on which most personal psychologists and branches of oriental & eastern religious philosophies converge, so I thought it was interesting.

If you have a scientific bend of mind, or if you are a hard core believer in the computational theory of the mind, and natural selection, and if it interests you more to speculate on whether consciousness resides in the neo-cortex or is not cortical, you won't like this ebook.

I became familiar with this type of thinking partly due to the religious and spiritual influence of the environment I was brought up in, and in part due to the books on the Hindu religion, its central philosophy, and those of its various sub-cults, that I read.

I have no affinity towards either, neither the theological nor the cold, scientific. I think both are institutional, with their own idiosyncracies. I appreciate both, and alternate between them when my sensebilities dictate. My loyalties are to my own private thought, which has no room for philosophical conjecture of any kind. My concerns are limited to the tending of my biological needs, pursuing my goals, and mostly amusing myself.

To listen to the audio, use the media controls above. Or, download the mp3 (free of charge, use the link above) and listen to it offline. I prefer listening to audio programs while commuting. I find it as an efficient use of my time.

To get a downloadable PDF of the this ebook free of charge, along with two more on different topics, go to their website.

Henk and Nicholas made me an affiliate. What that means is, if you go to their website Revolutioniz by clicking any of the links on this page, and buy some of their products, I'll get some money out of your purchase. If you listen to this ebook and you like it, then you might feel like buying their program, which is very inexpensive anyway at five cents less than dollars thirty.

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